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Zyn Careers

Zyn Careers created a proprietary algorithm capable of identifying a person's organizational culture profile preferences based on a short survey. This algorithm then matched people to companies based on a "Zyn Score" - an approximation of cultural fit.

Alex Ray and Caleb Robinson started the company in winter 2014. The business operated until winter 2016. During this time, Wesley Howell and Drew Maliniak joined the team. The team had a few thousand users create preference profiles and about 1500 employers around the United States profiled by employees at those companies.

The business shut down in winter 2016 for a few reasons; a business model that didn't align with the team's goals contributed most.

Job Seekers

In today's world, networking gets jobs for people. More than 70% of people surveyed during Zyn's life found their career by talking with friends, family members, or friends of friends. If you're trying to get a job, ask people you know for one.

Considering all of the current options, we think LinkedIn is the best online option for job seekers looking for a career. If you need further advice, feel free to contact Alex.



Zyn did a few things for employers, including cultural analyses, fit screenings, recruiting help, and employee engagement surveying. There isn't another system that encompasses all of this, but there are a few HR platforms that get close.

The Zyn team found the Greenhouse team particularly engaging and the product promising. If you're looking for a tool to help with an HR function for your organization, try starting there.